Nokia 3310 presented in a modern design

Company HMD Global, which has exclusive rights to use the Nokia brand for phones and tablets, presented the updated phone model 3310, according to the Nokia website.

«The new Nokia 3310 replicates the iconic silhouette of the original model. The phone has a distinctive modern interface, and polarized 2.4-inch screen, with rounded corners all is perfectly visible even in bright sunlight. The new model is thinner and lighter than the original, but still recognizable by the classic ringtones Nokia,» the company said.

It is reported that this model can work 22.1 hours of talktime and a month in standby mode. In addition, it is available in four colors: red, yellow, dark blue and gray.

Nokia said that the phone has the game «Snake». «The updated version is specially adapted for color display,» added the company.

The phone does not support 3G or 4G connection working on 2G. In this model there is a camera 2 megapixels, Bluetooth.

Updated Nokia 3310 works on the operating system Nokia Series 30+.


Nokia 3310 presented in a modern design 06.07.2017

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