«No do-overs will not.» FC «Mariupol» he said «Dinamo» to hold the matches, didn’t show up

Football club «Mariupol» is not going to replay the matches of the Ukrainian Premier League (UPL) tournament for players under the age of 19 years and 21 years to Mariupol Kiev «Dynamo» has not arrived, having received a technical defeat. About this Facebook said the Vice-President of FC «Mariupol» Andrei Sanin.

«We value our name and our reputation, so no do-overs will not. Otherwise a door would open a Pandora’s box, and Ukrainian football will slide into a state of primordial chaos – then what will prevent football officials to redraw the calendar for their own needs and objectives?» – he wrote.

According to Sanin, «Ukrainian football and so on a downward vector of development».

«Recall issued by our club from the horn of plenty red cards; penalty, which for some reason are one for the slightest offense, and another even for a clear handball in the penalty area – no-no, and so on – the list is very long. Why aggravate the situation, creating a sad case demonstrative disregard of the provisions of the rules of the Premier League?» – noted Vice-the President of the club from Mariupol.


«No do-overs will not.» FC «Mariupol» he said «Dinamo» to hold the matches, didn’t show up 09.11.2017

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