Night in Lviv lit entertainment centre: 250 people evacuated, 2 in intensive care

In Lviv in the night of Sunday, November 27, the fire occurred in the entertainment center «MI100». About it reports gschs.

The press service noted that on November 27 at 01:51 in Service of rescue «101» received a message about a fire in a shopping center on Scientific street, 7.

At the scene immediately increased room call No. 3 was sent to fire and rescue units, and special fire equipment squad technical service.

«Rescuers arrived at the scene, found the fire in the area of 50 sq. m. having Evaluated the arisen situation, the decision was made to conduct immediate evacuation of visitors of the entertainment centre. In General, firefighters evacuated 250 people», — stated in the message.

8 people were not free to leave the club. The experts of gschs taken them from a dangerous environment to fresh air and transferred to medical.

At 02:54, the fire was localized at 03:51 totally eliminated, consisting of 10 units of gas and smoke protective service.

The complexity of fire extinguishing consisted in dense smoke indoors, which arose as a result of the fire. Firefighters had to conduct a rescue operation and eliminate the fire in the apparatus of respiratory protection.

In addition, among posetiley started having severe panic, which greatly complicated the process of evacuation.

The fire the doctor asked 22 people. In medical institutions of Lviv were hospitalized 14 people, including 2 people are in intensive care in serious condition.

To eliminate the fire attracted 49 rescuers and 14 units of special equipment.

The reason of emergence of ignition is established.

Previously in the shopping center of Odessa the unknown threw a bottle with flammable liquid. The fire injured three women.

Night in Lviv lit entertainment centre: 250 people evacuated, 2 in intensive care 27.11.2016

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