Nigerian named the dog in honor of the President. He will be tried for «attempting to disturb the peace.»

Nigerian police have detained the citizen of the country, which named his dog in honour of the President of Nigeria of muhammadu Bukhari. The reason for the detention was the fact that Nigerian is not just described, but also wrote on the dog her name.

According to Reuters, the court had previously arrested the Nigerian, however, he is currently on bail until the next meeting. «The suspect bought the dog, called it Buhari, wrote «Bukhari» on her sides and went with her to the streets,» — said a police spokesman in the southern state of Ogun, where the lives of the detainee.

He was accused that he provoked people. «His action is provocative and will undermine peace in Nigeria, as you know, currently, the country is going through difficult times,» — said a police spokesman.

Nigeria passes through one of the worst economic crises in decades. The decline in oil prices greatly increased unemployment, which increases the tension in the country. All of this can lead to conflict in the country, where clashes between northerners, who are Muslim, and residents of the predominantly Christian South.

President Buhari is a Muslim from the North. In addition, the detained Nigerian was out with the dog to the crowd on the street to residents of Northern Nigeria.

Also in Nigeria, a growing number of people requiring food aid. Since March, it has doubled and reached 4.5 million people. The staff of the world food programme (WFP) fear that the difficult situation in the economy of African countries can lead to the fact that the number of people in need may increase by another million next month.

The number of Nigerians who find themselves in conditions of acute food crisis, is estimated at one million people. Mainly they reside in the States of Borno, Yobe and Adamawa, which are subversive terrorists «Boko Haram».

In the coming months, WFP plans to provide assistance to 700 thousand people, including to deliver 150 thousand sets of baby food. According to WFP, up to the end of the year for humanitarian operations in the North-East of Nigeria, she’s gonna need more than $ 50 million.

Nigerian named the dog in honor of the President. He will be tried for «attempting to disturb the peace.» 25.08.2016

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