Nidoc «fed» advocates «genetics» of Donbass and apologies if offended anyone

Minister of culture Yevhen Nyshchuk , the air of «Freedom of speech» on ICTV channel said that in the East of Ukraine «no genetics», and in these cities by the Soviet authorities were deliberately populated by people. However, he later said that his remarks on one of the channels the wrong way, and the scandal over his statements about genetics in the Donbass hyped Russian media.

He stated this at a briefing on Wednesday 23 November, reports «Ukrainian truth. Life.»

«This situation began to unwind when the night on some Russian sites and magazines began to pick up the specific word «genetics». I want to formally apologize if that word or anything else has led to some resentment,» said Yevhen Nyshchuk and several times apologized for the word «genetics» to all whom it might offend.

«I am in all my activities, where I am in Donbass was repeatedly with performances, received the «best actor» for the role of Esenin in Russian language… nobody can suspect some disrespect or charge someone. I always have great respect for any people, people of different faiths, it was not about some kind of inferiority or «inferiority» began to write. On the contrary, I have quite the opposite was the message», he said.

«I urge not to succumb to this another wave in which I can hardly be blamed. I am absolutely tolerant person and this is manifested in specific cases, projects, support, and honor the different nationalities in different regions. It horrifies me, but it’s really well-researched history of certain Russian propagandists, who began to ascribe to what he implies about genetics,» — said Nyshchuk.

«Today was a said a very good phrase: «If you tear out the Bible quote, it would seem that it was written by an infidel.» It (the phrase about genetics) ripped a specific thing. All who then fasted on Facebook, fasted not from the transmission, and from the processed information Russian sites», — said the Minister.

Asked to explain what he meant in his statements, Nisoc said: «All people are equal. I fought to have equal access to information. I said that was a deliberate blocking access in some regions of Ukraine to truthful information, to the development of culture, traditions and so forth.»

«When there was some migration, people did not receive then the full information about the history of the area, about the traditions. This was done deliberately, the situation is clear. But I am saying that our mission is to enable access to this», — concluded the Minister.

Nidoc «fed» advocates «genetics» of Donbass and apologies if offended anyone 23.11.2016

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