«NF» promises reformatting and fitting of the Cabinet «under any conditions»

Deputy Chairman of the faction «popular front» Victoria syumar called the collection of signatures for resignation of the government of the PR of certain political forces. She stated this today after a meeting of the conciliation boards, the press service of the party.

According to syumar, the probability that in the near future will be voted the question of the resignation of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine is minimal.

However, it recalled the position of foreign partners of Ukraine, which, as you know, support the unity of the Ukrainian authorities for the continuation of reforms in the state.

«Signatures and declarations is one thing, and the number of votes for resignation — is quite another. And that number of votes will actually determine whether to place the resignation of the Cabinet. So the chances for the resignation of the government, in fact, minimal. The whole collection of signatures – this will be more of a PR and application positions,» — said syumar.

She believes that «even after the hypothetical vote on the resignation of the government will fail, the positions of the three factions of the coalition members that this was required, of course, complicate the work of the coalition».

«You have heard that in such a case, the two biggest factions will be responsible for the operation of this government. But it seems to me that this is a bargaining position regarding the reformatting of the Cabinet. Because reformatting and completion of government will take place under any conditions», — said the MP.

As reported, on 15 February in the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine has registered a draft resolution (No. 4063) to reject the report of the Cabinet of Ministers and recognition of the activity is unsatisfactory.

The authors of the document were made by several deputies, among them Deputy Chairman of the parliamentary faction «Block of Petro Poroshenko» Mustafa Nayem, the members of the faction Vladyslav Golub, Ivanna klympush-Tsintsadze, Serhiy Leshchenko, Oksana Yurynets, Oleksandr Chernenko, representatives of the faction «Samopomich» Elena Sotnik, Yaroslav Markevich, Taras Shepherd, members of the faction «Batkivshchyna» Ivan krulko, Alexey Ryabchin, Alena Shkrum, Vadim Ivchenko and faction Dmytro Dobrodomov.

In total 14 members of Parliament, most of which are part of the Interfactional Association «Euro-optimists».

Later in «PPB» and those who like the work of the Cabinet. The draft resolution on recognition of activity of the Cabinet of Ministers satisfactory No. 4066 was registered by the MP from the faction «Block of Petro Poroshenko» Natalia Novak, former member of the city Council from the «Udar».

Tuesday, February 16, the government of Arseniy Yatsenyuk will present in Parliament a report on the implementation of the programme of activities over the last year.

According to the head of the Ukrainian Parliament Volodymyr Groysman, the report should start at 12.30 and last about 2.5 hours.

In addition, on Monday, 15 February, the leader of the «Batkivshchyna» Yulia Tymoshenko announced the collection of signatures for resignation of the government in full. It was supported by «Samopomich» and leader of people’s deputies-«radical» Oleh Lyashko.

In turn, the head of the «people’s front» Maxim Burbak expressed his belief that the resignation of the government will lead to instability and early parliamentary and presidential elections.

Burbak noted that the Parliament together with the government and the President must find a way out from «political fever».

«Any intelligent person understands that the resignation of the government is not the solution to the situation, and leap into the abyss of an acute national crisis and public concern. Time to speak frankly, that it Pro — Russian plan,» he said.

According to Bourbaki, «following the resignation, early parliamentary and there will be early presidential elections.»

«Because the new Parliament will be former regionals and wild populists. Once again underline the government’s resignation and the collapse of the coalition it is the destabilization of Ukraine, serious problems with the Western allies and the IMF, and then a complete unknown,» he said.

«NF» promises reformatting and fitting of the Cabinet «under any conditions» 16.02.2016

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