Newsweek. The art of the deal: Trump should treat Russia and Ukraine

«Imminent changes in Washington have caused a lot of discussions in world capitals. In Eastern Europe, a region reeling from a war between Russia and Ukraine, is on the rise and the hopes and fears, writes in Newsweek, entrepreneur, investor and former Russian state Duma Deputy Ilya Ponomarev. — Trump said that only he can conclude such commercial and political agreements that will bring the greatest benefit [the United States] and bring happiness to all parties. But what kind of deal he’s planning with ? This transaction will certainly determine the order of things in Europe and can end with a bloody and uncomfortable conflict between the West and Russia. However, the sacrifice all of the parties to it conclude?».

«Any deal must ensure compliance with the Budapest Memorandum of 1994, under which the US, UK and Russia guaranteed Ukraine’s territorial inviolability in exchange for its non-nuclear status. If you do one transaction that we have reason to expect that it will stand another?» — says Ponomarev.

«I am deeply convinced that the main reason Putin is so popular in Russia — the failure of liberal reforms of the 1990s. Then falsely pretended that the reform drive Western advisers, and the vast majority of Russians, impoverished because of these changes, blame America. Now I see the same process in Ukraine», — said Ponomarev, «who conducted a lot of time in Kiev» as long as he was the only Duma deputies, voted against the annexation of Crimea.

«If the West continues its current policy, the Ukrainian powers that be blame their own incompetence and corruption on these aliens, and sooner rather than later we will see some Ukrainian version of Putin at the head of another anti-liberal European kleptocracy. It’s already happened with Moldova», — stated in the article.

«To achieve the opposite, the West should make Ukraine successful, to prove the superiority of a free and open society to state capitalism, and the Russians themselves will remove Putin from the Kremlin. The Russians need to give the right to choose and to overthrow their presidents and government. And if they see that Ukraine benefited from these actions, the same thing will happen in Russia, without interference from outside, simply by choice and conviction of the Russian people, — says the author. — The same right of Ukrainians should be protected by the international community, regardless of whether we like their choice or not.»

«The EU made a mistake by offering the Association Agreement Ukraine, Moldovei other countries as a replacement to a proper «road map» to membership, which led to conflict with Russia and annexation of the Crimea», — stated in the article.

«Limited international response to this act of aggression led to the invasion of the Donbass and the tragic destruction of the aircraft MH-17. The West’s failure to accept responsibility for the war in Ukraine prompted Putin to intervene in Syria with the aim to forcibly bring America back to the negotiating table, — says Ponomarev. Now the new administration in the White house need to realize the need to understand the reason for this tragedy: the world needs new rules to replace the old Yalta agreements after the Second world war, not patching holes in the middle East».

«In order to achieve such a deal, the West needs to use its advantages and work on the [Ukrainian] economy through technology and investment. American commercial companies — change agents: their successful entry into Eastern Europe is the best way to press Putin and his pals,» writes the author.

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Newsweek. The art of the deal: Trump should treat Russia and Ukraine 20.01.2017

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