NewsOne launches his own political talk show «Ukrainian format»

From November 15 on air of the Ukrainian TV channel NewsOne will enter a new political talk show «Ukrainian format». This was reported on the website NewsOne.

The program will go live on Wednesdays at 20.00.

«In the process of creation and implementation of the project involved the whole team of professionals of the channel, where the task was promptly and creatively and technically to create large-scale political talk show in the country. Studio talk show set in the big hall of the Dovzhenko film Studio. For team NewsOne running talk show «Ukrainian format» is a serious challenge, a new stage and a huge responsibility to the viewer», – said General Director of the channel Olena Rudyk.

Leading talk show will be Julia Litvinenko, Vasily Golovanov and Tigran Martirosyan, who lead nightly news NewsOne.

«The main participants of the talk show will be the live Studio audience of 150 people – representatives of different social spheres of different regions of Ukraine. Viewers will be able to ask questions and to participate in the vote. Guests are influential politicians, public figures, representatives of all political forces and the first faces of Ukraine», – noted on TV channel.

NewsOne launches his own political talk show «Ukrainian format» 10.11.2017

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