New year’s eve in Odessa has disappeared from the airwaves of the Central Ukrainian TV channels

In Odessa in the night of January 1, has disappeared from the airwaves of the Central Ukrainian TV channels.

According to an UNIAN correspondent, at midnight has disappeared from the airwaves almost all Central TV channels – «1+1», «inter», ICTV, STB, etc.

Users of cable TV networks of different operators living in different parts of the city, reported that the shutdown occurred at midnight.

All viewers polled by UNIAN, argue that this is done without warning. Thus, the vast majority of Odessa citizens (hundreds of thousands) lost the opportunity to watch the festive TV programmes.

Ukrainian TV channels disappeared in cable networks operated practical all cable operators of Odessa.

The day before, on 31 December 2016, the number of local media published the clarification of member of the National Council of Ukraine on television and radio broadcasting Valentina Koval about the fact that the largest cable operators «were able to negotiate with media groups to broadcast national TV channels, without prejudice to consumers.»

Koval noted that «inhabitants of Odessa on new year’s eve will not remain without the national TV channels».

«I don’t know how providers will raise the rates, but about disabling sure it is not… I Hope in Odessa, too, all will be well. Simply, if a price of media groups 5-6 UAH the price of the packages rise by more than this amount, then questions need to ask is not the media,» the media quoted Koval.

As reported, on 6 December 2016 at a press conference on telecommunications operators of Odessa and the Odessa region stated that starting from 1 January 2017 Central Ukrainian TV channels may disappear from cable television networks.

A position they justified were made in October changes to the law of Ukraine «On television and radio broadcasting».

Odessa providers argued that the amendment to the act, the Central channel is included in universal program service, be paid for all subscribers. Moreover, cable operators are obliged to pay immediately for the entire package of 25 channels and include them in the tariff plan «social». Representatives of cable operators believe that eventually they will have to raise fees for the package «social» about 30%.

Cable operators said they are willing to buy the right to broadcast the main channels, but not the whole package, which is a total of all Central media group, uniting 22 Ukrainian channel, require providers of Odessa 1,5 million UAH monthly fee.

Odessa providers stress that is dictated from Kiev, the new conditions entail not just the increase in subscription fees, and mandatory prepayment of services: for the January 2017 must pay up to 30 December 2016.

The operators ‘ request to defer payments for at least two weeks was rejected. According to the Odessa providers, the share of cable and IPTV in the city of 85%.

Recall, November 3, the President signed the law «On amendments to the law of Ukraine «On television and radio broadcasting» regarding clarification of the conditions of distribution of radio and television as part of the universal program service».

New year’s eve in Odessa has disappeared from the airwaves of the Central Ukrainian TV channels 01.01.2017

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