New year night in Ukraine was calm

In the festivities resonant accidents and violations of public order on the territory of a state not registered, according to the Department of communications of the National police of Ukraine.

«Violations of public order is not allowed. On the roads of the state in new year’s eve the resonant accident was not», — stated in the message.

Only in the night from December 31 to January 1 in Ukraine were 680 new year events. They were attended by nearly 1.1 million people.

The most crowded events took place in Dnipropetrovsk (99 events were attended by 700 thousand people), Zaporizhzhya (50 thousand people, 48 events), Odessa (43 thousand people, 17 events) and Ternopil (38 thousand people, 31 event).

Public safety and order in their conduct, provided 7 thousand and 1 thousand soldiers of the National guard of Ukraine.

In the State service of Ukraine for emergency situations are also informed about the absence of a significant emergency incidents in the country in the night from 31 December 2016 and 1 January 2017.

«New year’s eve in Ukraine passed without significant incident», — is spoken in the message of press-service gschs of Ukraine, issued on Sunday morning.

In General, says a report on the last days divisions of gschs of Ukraine carried out the 853 out for events on prevention of emergency situations, rapid response to events and elimination of their consequences, firefighting, other emergency drills.

«During the day was 250 extraordinary events that provided the response units SSES with departure to the place of their occurrence. In the result of actions taken rescued 14 people. Liquidated 203 fire rescued at fires 10 people and prevented the destruction by fire of 90 buildings, and 5 vehicles,» — said in information.

In addition, as noted in gschs, during the day pyrotechnic units of the Service carried out 21 / out, in which are found, seized and destroyed 213 explosive subjects of times of past wars.

We will remind, on December 29, the police of Kiev and the staff of the national guard switched to enhanced mode. According to law enforcement officers, from 28 to 30 December of tactical measures to prevent and combat crimes in Kiev, on the streets of Kiev, railway and bus stations, transport stops and platforms.

New year night in Ukraine was calm 01.01.2017

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