New us Secretary of education Betsy DeVos: billionaire Republican donor and an opponent of public schools

A supporter of controversial innovations in the American school system, a new head of the Ministry of education, States Betsy DeVos on Friday, 10 February 2017, was not allowed in the premises of public secondary schools in southwest Washington. First, the main entrance of the institution was blocked by parents, teachers, retirees and a small group of determined protesters, when the Minister is still logged in vnutri and went out after the meeting through the emergency doors, it was once again surrounded by opponents, according to Mail Online.

As noted, at the DeVos this was the first visit of an educational institution on a new post.

One of the protesters, in particular, was holding a sign that says «black Lives matter!» («Black lives matter!»).

As seen in the video to a local TV station WJLA, DeVos returned from school at a quick pace, accompanied by a personal guard. At the same time, opponents of her tenure as the Minister chanted «Shame!» and insisted that she has no right to represent the interests of teachers.

«Go ahead and continue to give money to the senators and to buy their positions,» said DeVos unknown man.

«Are you so proud of yourself!» — sarcastically said the head of the Ministry of education of the United States.

After the incident, DeVos issued a statement in which she said about the «honor» to meet with the school, and added: «I respect peaceful protest, I shall not refrain from fulfilling the vital mission of the Department of education.» «None of the school door in America will not be blocked from those who are looking for something to help the students of our country,» she added.

The purpose DeVos was held in the Senate on Thursday, February 9.

Due to the fact that in addition to all of the democratic party and the two RINO («republican in name only» — «Republicans in name only») and Lisa Murkowski and Susan Collins against DeVos also voted against the two independent senators, the number of votes for her candidacy was 50-for-50. Your vote in favor of DeVos gave Mike Pence, made it so decisive 51st vote.

Almost simultaneously appeared in the media the multi-year financial support of the DeVos family in favor of the Republican party.

DeVos is an entrepreneur and benefactor. She has no experience in education industry.

It advocates the reduction of expenditures from the state budget for children’s education that will be possible, in her opinion, due to the introduction of a voucher system, the development of a network of Charter schools (charter schools) and empowerment of religious studies. Against these changes are those who believe that such innovations will negatively affect public schools, low-income segments of the population and children newly arrived immigrants.

At the end of 2016, as the campus was estimated at $ 1.25 billion.

Her family is one of the richest in the United States.

New us Secretary of education Betsy DeVos: billionaire Republican donor and an opponent of public schools 13.02.2017

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