New UN Secretary-General announced three priority reforms

UN Secretary-General , antónio Guterres, said there are three areas which he considers a priority for the Organization started to work better. The corresponding statement he announced on 19 January at the world economic forum in Davos, reports UKRINFORM.

«In order to be ready to respond to contemporary challenges, I think, for the UN, it is important to realize the need for reform,» said Guterres.

In this regard, he cited three areas that require changes.

«First of all, the reform of our peace strategy and architecture,» said Guterres. It is, in particular, on the missions of UN peacekeeping, which takes up 70% of the budget of the Organization, and still have difficulty, but the problems remain unresolved.

«We need to make sure that prevention and sustainable peace in the country beset by conflict should be a priority and, obviously, reduce our participation in peacekeeping in the future,» stressed the Secretary General.

The second direction of reforming the United Nations, Guterres called the field of peace and security. In this connection, he drew attention to the need for coordination, which are able to provide full support countries in the implementation of agreements on sustainable development and the Paris climate agreement.

And finally, he said, the UN needs reform management. It should cover changes to the rules of work of the personnel and budget organization of the UN to be able to work in a new environment.

«Only reform of the UN can become the engine for the fact that the international community had the opportunity to transform prevent real priority, and we know that’s obviously not going to be easy,» said Guterres.

We will remind, the former Prime Minister of Portugal 1 January 2017 officially began work as the Secretary-General of the United Nations.

The UN security Council in October 2016 was unanimously supported his candidacy for the post of UN Secretary General.

Guterres was elected to the post for five years — he will lead the UN until December 31, 2021. His predecessor as UN Secretary-General by South Korean diplomat ban Ki-moon has held the position for ten years.

New UN Secretary-General announced three priority reforms 20.01.2017

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