«New Russia» in the occupied territories rejoice criminals and pensioners who receive two pensions

Most people who were on the territory occupied by terrorist organizations «DNR» and «LNR», do not recognize these «education».

In an interview with Russian blogger, visited «L/DNR» said a local priest.

«Rejoice in the existence of «Novorossiya» people with a criminal past (yesterday was nothing, today he’s a hero), next, people, impregnated with Communist ideas, well, and retirees-Communists, now receiving double pension (in «DNR» and Ukraine)», — said the priest.

«Pensioners receiving two pensions, say they would like to see this situation remained five years, seven or even ten. Food prices are certainly high, but they have enough», — the interlocutor told.

According to him, people understand «pakawaste» unrecognized republics, because with these entities were faced with the problem of not admitting local diplomas.

«The idea that we are trying to impose, is meaningless and completely pointless. To begin with, those diplomas, certificates that receive now our children – it’s just some papers that no one anywhere in the world will never recognize … Many teachers have left, the level of teaching is very low. Some teachers who long ago retired (at the age of 65-70 years), due to the shortage of teachers forced to go back to school… the new Passports issued now. They don’t even recognize Russia», — said the source.

According to the priest, in the occupied territories is broadcasting only Russian TV and radio.

«All other stations are muted, works only local or Cossack radio», — he told.

The caller said that coal from the occupied territories went to Ukraine.

«Of all the onetime enterprises works with a maximum of 30 percent. Trying to resume work in the mines, but I don’t know what to do with coal. We have a factory. It works and sends all products to Ukraine. Interestingly, weekends and holidays, the plant notes, together with Ukraine. Even such holidays as the Day of defender of Ukraine. In General, operating companies – units», — he said.

As reported, the diplomas of higher educational establishments in the occupied part of the territory of Ukraine, does not recognize the no country in the world. Russia in November 2014 officially refused to issue diplomas to graduates who remain in the occupied part of the territory of Ukraine.

We will remind that the Ukrainian government initially stood on the position that to buy coal in the separatists is a bad idea, Ukrainian officials in the past year has made many statements about the inadmissibility of cooperation with separatists. However, before the beginning of the heating season in 2015-2016 the government has begun to recognize that without supplies from the occupied Donbass will not do.

Recently, the media reported that under the guise of coal from South Africa, people close to Viktor Medvedchuk, sell anthracite coal from the occupied Donbass.

«New Russia» in the occupied territories rejoice criminals and pensioners who receive two pensions 01.03.2016

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