New owner Google is looking for specialists to build unmanned vehicles

American Alphabet holding company, which from 2 October 2015 is Google Inc., recruiting specialists for self-production of driverless cars, reports TASS reported citing local media.

The division of the Alphabet under the name X, which deals, in particular, the design of vehicles capable of moving without a driver, opened for nearly 40 vacancies for people with experience in the automotive industry. Primarily need engineers, versed in robotics, control systems, displays and sensors, as well as professionals in the fields of management and marketing.

Google has for several years been developing technologies necessary for the production of cars capable of moving without a driver, however, company representatives have repeatedly stated that plans for the direct release of these machines there. Experts assumed that the company will collaborate with some of the major car manufacturers in the U.S. who will take on this role. About the readiness to such cooperation was stated, in particular, General Motors.

As noted by the media, the recruitment of the specified profile says in favor of what Google’s plans on this has changed, and she might be intending to take over if not the entire production process of unmanned vehicles, some part of it. The company declined to comment on this.

In 2012, the company stated that its Autonomous cars have already traveled over 500 thousand miles on the roads of the country during the tests. In 2014, the company unveiled a prototype computer-controlled car without a steering wheel, gas and brake pedals. She continues to test similar vehicles in the States of California and Texas.

Google on 2 October last year completed a restructuring of its management structure and became one of the Alphabet assets. The Executive Director of the latter was the co-founder of Google Larry page. The second search engine co-founder Sergey Brin was given the post of President of the new company.

New owner Google is looking for specialists to build unmanned vehicles 13.02.2016

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