Nevzorov: I all state institutions and public places of Russia greeting: «Glory to Ukraine». No one raised a cry

The Russian elite understand the tragedy and the stupidity of the situation with aggression against Ukraine and to move quickly when the political direction of the country changes. This opinion was expressed by Russian journalist Alexander Nevzorov in the comment «observer».

«There are a huge number of not-thinking and independent people. They very quickly change their point of view when you change the political vector. When it all started – I mean the events between Russia and Ukraine – I in almost all state institutions and public places in Russia Hello – do you know how? Especially with high-ranking officials. I greeted: «Glory to Ukraine». And no one ever raised a cry, only said: «Glebovich, hush-hush, what are you talking about?» And giggling», he said.

The publicist said, by the reaction of his interlocutors, he realized that they do not feel any inconvenience.

«This experiment I set many times with different people of various social groups and levels. Always saw the frightened, but very cheerful response. And it does not speak about some kind of hatred or that anyone seriously believes the enemy of Ukraine. That I had not seen this even once. And it is the people from Ministers to governors and representatives of the business elite», – he stressed.

Nevzorov said that it was interesting to see the reaction and to understand their «degree of anger».

«It was only: «Hush-hush, someone will hear.» And I said, «we Must not reply, must reply: «glory to the Heroes» – and then all began to laugh. It was the laughter of the devil, and just laugh normal and cheerful man who understands the tragedy and the stupidity of the situation and happy that he was given even a second to breathe normally», – he said.

The journalist added that he does not believe the results of polls presented by Russian sociologists.

«No, in General I believe them, because they’re going to record a lie. Don’t forget that Nicholas II just a few months before the shooting had a rating of 98%. Here is the whole answer,» he concluded.

In the survey research organization «Levada-center» held in December 2017, the Russians called the main enemies of Russia, the US and Ukraine.

In March 2014 Russia annexed the Ukrainian Peninsula of Crimea in April 2014 in Eastern Ukraine the conflict began. Fighting underway between the Armed forces of Ukraine and Pro-Russian rebels who control part of the Donetsk and Luhansk regions.

Nevzorov: I all state institutions and public places of Russia greeting: «Glory to Ukraine». No one raised a cry 11.01.2018

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