Nevzorov about Kemerovo: what is happening now in Russia, is an unknown kind of grief

A fire with fatalities in Kemerovo spawned «superchip» on the Internet, people are judged on the performance of the ritual of sympathy, however sincere the grief it’s not like. Such opinion on air of radio station «Echo of Moscow» was expressed by the Russian publicist Alexander Nevzorov.

«The first responded various singers, actress, singer crazy as if they are hours, days sat and waited for some of the fire with the corpses, waiting to escape into the air, dramatically ascorbate and include the universal grief», he said.

«There’s phraseology is very primitive. And it’s reminiscent of a shop selling cuckoo clocks, where you open one door, the second POPs up some Galkin – ascorbil, popping up the second some Galkin – also ascorbyl. And all carefully, jealously watching, to someone not persormel would and that no one would be in mourning not exceeded,» – said Nevzorov.

According to him, when he was a reporter, he saw many deaths and genuine sorrow. What is happening in the Russian social networks did not look like a sincere, deep sympathy to the victims, he said.

«What is happening now in Russia – it’s kind of a gray kind of sorrow. Stupefied, deaf from grief people do not paint avatarki in radical black color, they do not pick up the number of suchacek, they do not argue, how many flowers should be in mourning kallikak and, moreover, they do not ever organize committees to identify enough of the grieving, or not grieving, or even what a «assorbenti» – said Nevzorov.

No complicated explanations of what is happening search is not necessary, says the publicist.

«Internet grief now very well-monetized: gives subscribers and crazy crops likes. And all in a hurry to perform the ritual of compassion,» he said.

Fire in four-storey shopping centre, «Winter cherry» in Kemerovo took place on 25 March. According to the statement of local authorities, the fire started in a children’s trampoline room.

The Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation said that have information about the disappearance and death of 64 people.

Russian TV stars on March 28 announced the start of the flash mob «Kemerovo, we are with you».

Nevzorov about Kemerovo: what is happening now in Russia, is an unknown kind of grief 29.03.2018

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