Netpolice showed the transit routes in Ukraine for Russian trucks

Ukraine has identified the transit routes for freight transport from the Russian Federation on the territory of the country.

The corresponding map on Friday 26th February was published on the website of the National police of Ukraine.

According to information of the Russian trucks can enter and leave Ukraine using the following checkpoints (checkpoint):

Kharkiv region — the checkpoint «goptovka»;

Sumy region — CAT «Bachevsk»;

Chernihiv region — the checkpoint «Novi yarylovychi»;

Volyn region — checkpoint «Yagodin» and «the village of Domanovo»;

Lviv region — checkpoints «Rawa-Russkaya», «Krakovets and Shegyni»;

Transcarpathian region — checkpoint «Uzhgorod» and «Chop»;

Chernivtsi region — CAT «Terebleche»;

Vinnytsia region — checkpoint «Mogilev-Podolsky»;

Odessa region — CAT «platonovo», «Kuchurgan» and «Reni»;

Rivne region — CAT «Gorodishche»;

Zhytomyr region — CAT «vystupovichi».

Transit road freight transport between Ukraine and the Russian Federation was restored at midnight on 25 February 2016.

Today, February 26, activists of the Association «Carpathian Sich» said that will not conduct active actions to block the transit passage of trucks with Russian registration on the territory of Ukraine, however, will demand the ban of Russian business in Ukraine. Meanwhile, also on 26 February, the leader of «Svoboda» Oleg Tyagnybok announced the resumption of all-Ukrainian campaign to block the movement of Russian trucks through territory of Ukraine.

Recall from 4 January 2016, the Russian Federation banned the transit of Ukrainian goods through their territory.

On 11 February activists in Western Ukraine announced the transport blockade of trade with the Russian registration numbers. Joined Transcarpathian, Lviv, Volyn, Rivne, Khmelnytsky, Chernivtsi, Sumy and Zhytomyr regions.

In response to the actions of the activists on 14 February, the Russian government banned the transit of Ukrainian trucks on its territory. In turn, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine on 15 February, the mirror took action and temporarily suspended the transit permits issued for commercial vehicles with a registration in the Russian Federation.

Later, the parties began negotiations to resolve the situation. So, on February 16, Ukraine and the Russian Federation agreed to temporarily, for the period from 16 February until 25 February 2016, to resume the movement of trucks blocked on the territory of both countries.

At the government meeting on February 24, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine on the proposal of the Ministry of infrastructure of Ukraine allowed the transit of trucks, including Russian trucks on its territory on 25 February and instructed the Ministry of internal Affairs to provide security for movement of transit flows.

Meanwhile, late in the evening on February 24 activists of the organization «Carpathian Sich» warned that to start a blockade of the transit of Russian trucks through territory of Ukraine and urged the government to reconsider its previous decision on the resumption of transit, emphasising that on its part is ready to dialogue.

In addition, activists appealed to the Ukrainian carriers and asked them not to go to Russia.

Netpolice showed the transit routes in Ukraine for Russian trucks 26.02.2016

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