Netanyahu questioned in the framework of cases of corruption

Israeli police during several hours of questioning Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in the framework of cases of corruption, reports the Jerusalem Post. The interrogation was carried out in residence policy in Jerusalem, writes

«National unit of the Israel police spent Monday night, January 2, under caution of the Prime Minister on suspicion of alleged benefits» — quoted TASS the press service of the police of the Jewish state.

The so-called under caution is the most rigorous method of inquiry of the Israeli police. Incorrect information is considered an attempt to hinder the investigation and perjury that Israel is a criminal offence. According to the newspaper «Haaretz», the interrogation concerned the «alleged gifts from business».

On the eve of several Israeli media reported that Netanyahu will be questioned at his residence in the near future. The entrance and Windows of the residence were closed black screens earlier in the day on 2 January.

According to unofficial information, Netanyahu is suspected of improperly designed receiving gifts from Israeli and foreign businessmen for hundreds of thousands of shekels, which constituted a violation of his responsibilities to preserve public confidence.

Netanyahu imposed the charges were dismissed.

«Do not rush to celebrate, nothing will come of it. You can continue to inflate the balloons at your hot breath and launch them into the air, and I will continue to lead the state», — said the Prime Minister against the opposition.

Earlier it was reported that the wife of the Prime Minister of Israel, was interrogated for 11 hours due to suspicion of unlawful use of public funds.

Netanyahu questioned in the framework of cases of corruption 03.01.2017

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