Nebozhenko: the Tip decided not to pay MPs for a vote. But then how to get them to vote? Here and there the GPU

It is currently impossible to determine the principle on which the Prosecutor General’s office chooses MPs, the removal of immunity which finds it necessary, he said in comments to the edition «GORDON» the political scientist, Director of the sociological service «Ukrainian barometer» Victor Nebozhenko.

«The population feels that something is wrong: because the GPU is not for the «fat» of MPs who steal budget money, have some towers or associated with homicide, and for those to whom, in fact, no claim. The causes are unclear. One stole relics, the second took a bribe in $5 thousand, This is just ridiculous – with him all laugh. The man simply kills the price of a bribe. That is, it is unclear on what basis the GPU selects the victims for the removal of immunity», – said Nebozhenko.

According to him, to get to the Verkhovna Rada the people’s deputies paid for.

«The people’s Deputy – a rich man by definition. None of them in the Parliament by force not driven. They all paid money to get there. Some more, some less – it depends on how the person was close to the President. MPs bought their seats in Parliament. It’s a deal. And suddenly they say that they will no longer receive money for voting. Instead, they are going to punish for «wrong» voting. And deputies don’t like that the rules are changing. They will not be able to fight off spent on getting into Parliament money. And earn, of course, will not happen. We do not just see, but now Parliament is a violation of vnutrimyshechnogo consensus,» – said the analyst.

According to him, parliamentarians are unhappy with the actions of the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko.

«Violation of the established Lada started with the fact that the President persuaded MPs to write denunciations on themselves – to fill e-return. They are like the idiots did it, and now resent. Poroshenko in response just shrugs. Now MPs are offended by the President. Decades they went to the Parliament to earn money. But now the times have changed. The tip decided not to pay MPs for a vote. But then how to get them to vote? Here and there the GPU. The President’s administration has chosen the method of a whip. MPs are outraged by the fact that now they will have to vote for free,» summed up Nebozhenko.

July 11, the Verkhovna Rada at its evening meeting considered the submission of the Prosecutor General for consent to criminal prosecution of five deputies.

Parliament rejected the submission on MPs Yevgeny Deydey (people’s front) and Andrey Lozovoy (Radical party).

The deputies Oles Dovgy («will of the people»), Maksym Polyakov (people’s front) and independent Borislav Rosenblatt immunity lifted.

The deputies did not give consent to detention and arrest Polyakov and Rosenblatt.

Today, the procedural Committee of the Verkhovna Rada considers the performance of the GPU on removal of inviolability from the people’s Deputy from the Opposition bloc Mikhail Dobkin.

Nebozhenko: the Tip decided not to pay MPs for a vote. But then how to get them to vote? Here and there the GPU 12.07.2017

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