Nebozhenko: Poroshenko is in a hurry to win at any cost Saakashvili before the New year

President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko met for the second time and is trying to neutralize the leader of «the Movement novih forces» of Mikhail Saakashvili, who considers his enemy. This opinion was expressed by Director of the sociological service «Ukrainian barometer» Victor Nebozhenko in Facebook.

«Saakashvili attracts the attention of the media, the West and the Ukrainian population to the negative and inconsistent policy of the President of Ukraine. All it really Angers Poroshenko, who gathered for a second term. The struggle Saakashvili changes the agenda of the country is not in favor of the President, and it’s scary unnerving Poroshenko», – he wrote.

The analyst noted that threatening circumstance for the President was the fact that, in the absence of broad political support of the protest activities of Saakashvili in Kiev, little strength and support of Poroshenko.

«A month of protest actions of supporters of Saakashvili center of the city, the government quarter, almost paralyzed. In other words, the President, like his predecessor, President Viktor Yanukovych does not control the government quarter, in the triangle between the presidential Administration, the Cabinet and Parliament. Despite the optimism that demonstrates Poroshenko in Western capitals, diplomats criticize this fact,» – he stressed.

Nebozhenko added that the Kremlin is ready to understand and support Poroshenko in his attempt to squeeze Saakashvili from Kiev and Ukraine. According to the analyst, even the deputies from the bloc of Petro Poroshenko are trying to avoid conflict with the protesters.

«If the President had any political party that has mass support in the society. But BPP is not a political party, but rather political cover administrative resources. The 10% of the electorate who are now ready to vote for President Poroshenko and PPB’t made ready to defend his personal power, as in the case of Jankovic, etc. Therefore, the President Poroshenko can count on in the growing political struggle only on loyal security forces, the army porkopolis that all day sling mud Saakashvili, and the gang of aunts. It’s a bad political cocktail», he continued.

According to Nebozhenko, which the President has little power to victory over Saakashvili, and it is seen by both opponents and friends of Poroshenko.

«So the President Poroshenko in a hurry to win at any cost Saakashvili before the New year. Hence such unscrupulous pressure on the protesters, the Ukrainian and Georgian Saakashvili. Forced deportation of eight Georgians is the estimated measure against Saakashvili and conspicuous «act of intimidation» to the protesters. Today disappeared Georgians – tomorrow may disappear and the Ukrainians, the supporters of Saakashvili. This is a dangerous tendency of rapid evolution to an authoritarian regime of personal power», he warned.

The analyst added that a big political mistake Poroshenko is that he supports «the Russians, thugs and the security service of the President», not the SBU or MIA.

«I’m not talking about the strange passive attitude of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine Yuriy Lutsenko, who was in the first place to ensure the legitimacy of the arrests, beatings and forced deportation of the associates of Saakashvili in Georgia. Otherwise, the arrest and expulsion of Georgians is in the nature of extrajudicial killings of people of other countries. And the Prosecutor General of Ukraine Lutsenko pretends that no crime had occurred», he continued.

Nebozhenko noted that the attorney General of Yanukovych in a similar situation, was unjustly imprisoned Lutsenko in prison, and Lutsenko to the post of attorney General pretends that the conflict with Saakashvili.

«Usually talkative attorney General Lutsenko during a protest of intimidation of the protesters – illegal, extra-judicial killings of Georgian supporters of the Saakashvili – suddenly becomes shy and silent. It can be understood, because unlike other, confident in their impunity of heads of security agencies, he at one time was the epicenter of the scandal with the disappearance and death of journalist Georgy Gongadze. So he knows what an «excessive act» and as the security forces know how famously shirk responsibility, saying the next President», – he concluded.

Nebozhenko: Poroshenko is in a hurry to win at any cost Saakashvili before the New year 21.11.2017

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