Nebozhenko: Americans associate the invasion of Putin in the elections in the USA attempt to circle Poroshenko to play along with Clinton

In the US, the scandal is gaining momentum with information about the likely intervention of the Ukrainian politicians and businessmen in the American presidential election campaign on the side of the democratic candidate Hillary Clinton, wrote the political scientist, Director of the sociological service «Ukrainian barometer» Victor Nebozhenko in Facebook.

«Kiev «put» not on the candidate and struck out twice. At first, he stubbornly played up to Clinton, who lost the election. And the second time when they started to emerge of the facts of intervention of Ukrainian officials in the electoral process. And instead of quickly extinguish the scandal erupted, Kiev, Moscow, pretends that what is happening does not concern him» – he said.

The analyst explained that in Ukraine I hope that this story will have consequences for us-Ukrainian relations under the President of the United States Donald trump and Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko.

«Americans are outraged by the dangerous role of Putin’s Russia in this story, but now it turns out that Ukraine also participated in this process. And Washington suspect that Kiev acted so boldly and indecently, not without the knowledge of the Kremlin», – he said.

Nebozhenko added that for Americans, Poroshenko is the same problem as Russian President Vladimir Putin.

«The Americans deliberately link the «Russian invasion» of Putin in the political life of the United States, the presidential election campaign in an attempt to encirclement of Ukrainian President Poroshenko to along with one of the candidates – Clinton. Thus, they show that Putin and Poroshenko – is the same problem they will have to decide. They deliberately «omitted» the lonely, the tired and embittered Putin to Poroshenko. And at the same time, «diabolizing» Poroshenko to the level of Putin», – the analyst believes.

In his opinion, this tactic of Americans really hurts Putin, who considers himself above Poroshenko.

«On the other hand, it stimulates the secret collaboration of the Kremlin and Bankova, which is unlikely to be supported by Ukrainians and cause protests. But the Americans are not afraid of covert cooperation and interaction between Poroshenko and Putin. Especially after Russia invaded Ukraine. Ultimately, the «packaging» of Putin and Poroshenko in one comprehensive problem will reduce their freedom of action will increase the likelihood of committing political error and send one of them on the path of treachery by another,» he said.

Nebozhenko added that the Americans have used such a strategy.

«They are, on the one hand, actively isolated «acid» Putin’s influential world leaders (Angela Merkel, Emmanuel macron, Theresa may ). But on the other hand, associate it with the most odious figures in international politics. Exactly as they quietly tied the Russian President Putin and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Syrian President Bashar Assad and Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro. Now they want or threaten to put «on a bench» Poroshenko and Putin. Accordingly, the struggle with a powerful and deep Russian presence and influence in Ukraine will be no less resistant than a thorough investigation of the facts of intervention of Putin’s Russia in U.S. policy,» he concluded.

Nebozhenko: Americans associate the invasion of Putin in the elections in the USA attempt to circle Poroshenko to play along with Clinton 17.07.2017

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