Near the Syrian of Damascus intensified fighting

Syrian government forces stepped up aviabombardirovka controlled by the rebels the valley of Wadi Barada near Damascus where the source from which the capital comes most of the water. Reuters said Abu al-Baraa, the leader of the local rebel groups Ahrar al-sham, pichet UKRINFORM.

Germany will allocate in Aleppo 15 million euros
Saudi Arabia announced the fundraising for Syrian refugees

«They’re trying to force us to surrender, but we will not retreat from their land,» said Abu al-Baraa.

However, he said the government airstrikes destroyed a pumping station, which pumped water to Damascus.

«Rebels and local residents also claim that the bombing killed 14 civilians and damaged the hospital,» writes Reuters.

The Agency adds that on rebel controlled territory the valley of Wadi Barada is about 10 settlements and home to about 100 thousand persons.

Earlier it was reported that Aleppo under renewed airstrikes on rebel positions Damascus left without water.

Germany will allocate in Aleppo 15 million euros

The Minister for economic cooperation and development of Germany Gerd Muller has pledged humanitarian aid to the Syrian Aleppo in the amount of 15 million euros. It is reported by DW with reference to exposure from material in the newspaper Bild, to be published 27 Dec.

The money will be for 30 months paid work about one thousand Syrian doctors, nurses and psychologists, about 200 assistants psychologist will be a refresher course.

«Once the international community is helplessly looked at murders and bombings, it is necessary to organize a large-scale humanitarian aid to Aleppo residents. If we miss here, then in the Syrian conflict there will be another human catastrophe,» said Mueller.

The German Minister also called on the UN to help Syria.

«In addition to food in Syria is not lack of doctors and medicines. We need to help the thousands of wounded, including a large number of children, otherwise they will not survive the winter,» he said.

Saudi Arabia announced the fundraising for Syrian refugees

Saudi Arabia launched a campaign to raise funds for internally displaced Syrians. This is with reference to the local media writes Reuters.

«The custodian of the two Holy mosques king Salman bin Abdulaziz al-Saud ordered the people’s campaign, which should help the brotherly Syrian people», — stated in the material.

The funds raised will be allocated for the establishment and provision of necessary new camp for refugees.

«The funds will be used to build refugee camps and provide the IDPs with food, medicine and warm blankets. Exactly where will be placed the camp is not reported,» — says Reuters.

In the framework of this campaign the king of Saudi Arabia from personal funds, allocated about $ 4 million, and the Prince Mohammed bin Naef – 2 million

Near the Syrian of Damascus intensified fighting 27.12.2016

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