Near the Louvre in Paris five times a patrol shot the man charging at him with a knife shouting «Allahu Akbar»

In Paris the military patrolling the underground shopping Mall Carrousel du Louvre near the Louvre, five times shot at the man who attacked him with a knife, reports the AP. Reuters, citing a police source, reports that a man with a suitcase tried to go to one of the stores for tourists, writes

The Paris correspondent of The Guardian Angelica Chrisafis said on Twitter that the incident occurred in the underground Mall near the Louvre, according to The Independent, around 10 am local time (11 a.m. Kiev time).

According to the head of the Paris police, Michel KADO, the assailant was seriously wounded in the stomach once pounced on the soldier, shouting «Allahu Akbar» and scratched him with a knife the skin on the head. The soldiers shot him five times in self-defense, said KADO. According to The Independent, the attacker provides medical care.

In the suitcase of the attacker was not detected explosives. Radio station Europe 1 reported that arrived on the scene specialists in the disposal of explosive devices.

Newspaper the Mirror, citing a source in the police said that the case had led to the conflict. State troopers pulled him over because his bag was deemed suspicious, then the man took out a knife and attacked. The Mall is always visited by thousands of tourists, many of them with bags are searched before entering.

Le Parisien says that the suspicious man had two bags, and he tried to attack a military with a machete, and five shots in he had been not wounded, and two other soldiers on duty here.

The Minister of internal Affairs of France , Bruno Le Roux called the incident «serious» and urged not make it false information, and to follow the statements of the authorities.

A police spokesman said that people were evacuated from the scene, reports NBC. By 11 o’clock the area was cordoned off and the closest to the Louvre metro station is closed. Tourists in social networks report that people are brought into a closed room of the Museum and encouraged to sit on the floor.

France has a state of emergency since then, as in 2015 terrorist attacks in Paris, killing 130 people. Patrols in the streets were strengthened after the attack in nice in 2016.

The patrol shot out the man was on duty there in the army operation «All» (Sentinelle), which began in January 2015.

Near the Louvre in Paris five times a patrol shot the man charging at him with a knife shouting «Allahu Akbar» 03.02.2017

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