Near the Kremlin were detained 20 participants of the weekly walks the «New opposition»

As a result of provocation with a poster Sunday, 12 February 2017, employees of the Russian police conducted mass arrests on a weekly walks «New opposition» around the Moscow Kremlin. Tactics of political trips produced on weekends near the bodies of state power in the major cities of the Russian Federation, as conceived by the organizers from among the leaders of the movement «05.11.17» is the rejection of the use of verbal slogans, flags and any graphical images, whereby, under the country laws, there are no formal grounds for detention.

Participants in anti-Putin protest began packing into lorries on Vasilevsky descent. Among them was one of the leaders of the New opposition, initiator of the «Party of nationalists» Yuri Gorsky.

The public «artillery barrage» says 20 detention.

Specialized human rights portal «OVD-info», in addition to the mountain, calls another 17 names: Dmitry Simonov, Roman Kovalev, Andrei Tolkachev, Anton Manuilov, Alexander Fedechkin, Andrew Polukoshko, Alexander (surname not known), Sergei Svoikin, Sergey Styazhkin, Roman Martynovich, Ivan, Vadim Shvetsov, Valery Zuev, Ivan Sharavin (he was holding the poster) and three more whose identities are not known.

According to various sources on Vasilevsky descent was 3 or 4 paddy wagons.

Two paddy wagons arrived in OVD China-a City.

It is worth noting that this is the first such mass arrest of participants of the Moscow «walking». Previously, such have taken place only when the organizers changed the format of the meeting and decided to hold a rally in defense of political prisoners near the monument Griboyedov.

Recall the «New opposition» is United around became an Internet meme the idea of «05.11.17». This date is called the beginning of the peaceful revolution in Russia.

At present, the main leaders of this Association are pursued by the authorities. In particular, Vyacheslav Maltsev trying to push the case under the article «extremism» in relation to its assistant Sergey Okunev; Dmitry Demushkin was arrested on initiated after a dozen administrative cases falsified criminal case and placed under house arrest, which ; mark Halperin arrested for 10 days and sitting in the detention center; Ivan Beletsky forced to hide from fabricated administrative cases, law enforcement officials excite the second time in hindsight.

Russian «New opposition» in favor of an immediate cessation of hostilities with Ukraine and Syria, the Tribunal of Vladimir Putin and most odious representatives of his regime, lustration, democratic transformation, social standards of the European model, the introduction of a visa regime with Central Asia and providing the peoples of the North Caucasus the right to self-determination.

Near the Kremlin were detained 20 participants of the weekly walks the «New opposition» 12.02.2017

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