Near snake island will work to find the gas

Research vessel «Searcher» November 17 will go in flight from Odessa to perform oil and gas exploration seismic and geochemical work within Chilia-Snake ledge of the Krylovsky trough, in the North-Western Black sea shelf.

According to the press service of the State service of Geology and subsoil of Ukraine, «the Seeker» is the only Ukrainian research vessel. NIS will resume of marine geological-geophysical investigations after three years of inactivity. After the renewal in 2015 of funding for marine operations on the ship was repaired and dock surveys.

«The seeker» unique vessel for performing seismic surveys, as a normal mid-range modification and high frequency. Low noise motors delivers high-quality seismic material and its geological informativity», — stated in the message.

In Gosgeonedr noted that the southern region of the country is promising and least explored, in particular, the shelf of the Black sea developed only by 4%. The plans of the black sea state regional geological enterprise to conduct comprehensive studies to identify and prepare for exploratory drilling of prospective objects on the land area of 6.77 sq km, which adjoins the southern part of Odessa region.

As reported, in March 2014 as a result of occupation of Crimea by the Russian Federation, Ukraine lost access to production facilities and gas fields on the shelf of the Peninsula. In November 2015 there were movement from the Odessa gas field in the territorial waters of Russia two modern Jack-up oil rig «Peter Godovanets» and «Ukraine». Odessa field is located in the North-Western shelf of the Black sea 150 km from the coast.

«Naftogaz of Ukraine» announced plans to achieve through the international judicial institutions for the resumption of control of assets lost due to the Russian occupation of the Crimea, and redress all incurred loss.

In February 2016, «Naftogaz of Ukraine» has initiated the negotiation process regarding the loss of their assets in the Crimea, giving Russia a notice of investment dispute under the bilateral agreement on mutual protection of investments between the two countries.

Deadline of talks ended inconclusively in August 2016, with the result that the NAC and its six subsidiaries («Chornomornaftogaz», «Ukrtransgaz», «ukrgazvidobuvannya», «Ukrtransnafta», «Gas of Ukraine» and «of likvo») on 17 October 2016 initiated arbitration proceedings against the Russian Federation with the requirement to compensate losses caused by the unlawful seizure of the group’s assets in the Crimea.

«Naftogaz of Ukraine» has attracted a firm Covington&Burling LLP (new York, USA) to protect its interests in the framework of litigation for the loss of Crimean assets.

The Russian company «State unitary enterprise «Chernomorneftegaz», misappropriated Ukrainian assets after the annexation of Crimea, annually produces on the Black sea shelf 2 billion cubic meters of gas.

Near snake island will work to find the gas 16.11.2016

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