Near Popasna detained the car with explosives

Near Popasna members of the Armed Forces of Ukraine prevented another terrorist attack of militants.

According to the press center of ATO on Facebook, soldiers detained a car, which moves through a grey area in the district, where he carried out mine clearance and restoration of power lines.

«It should be noted that work on demining and rehabilitation in the grey area are conducted only by mutual agreement between the parties to the conflict, under the close supervision of the SCCC representatives and observers of the OSCE. The day was detained the car, the work to restore power lines to be could not, because there was no corresponding request. The car moved from the occupied Pro-Russian armed gangs of the territory. However, the greatest interest was caused by the deadly baggage car. So, the car was carrying explosives, blasting agents, and anti-tank mine, prepared for the installation so that it was impossible to be eliminated,» the statement reads.

Obviously, this Arsenal was prepared for another bloody provocation with the aim to discredit Ukraine, said at the headquarters.

«Anti-tank mine was planned to install a support under the transmission line. The hellish plan of the militants it had to undermine Ukrainian engineers together with the workers who carried out restoration work, and ideally representatives of the OSCE mission. They planned to give the incident wide publicity, to accuse Ukraine in mining infrastructure and the disruption of the Minsk agreements», — noted in the press center.

Earlier in the combat area, the employees of the security service of Ukraine exposed two agents of foreign intelligence services who collected the information with restricted access and passed it on uncontrollable the Ukrainian party of the territory.

Near Popasna detained the car with explosives 06.02.2016

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