Near Pavlopol killed «azovets» the Frenchman of the group cover scouts

Near the village of Pavlopil, Donetsk region during aeroespace positions of Russian-terrorist forces killed a fighter regiment of the National guard of Ukraine «Azov» with a call sign «the Frenchman», which was part of a group of undercover spies.

As reported on Tuesday, April 29, the press service of «Azov», a tragic event occurred on the night of Friday 25 March.

«Under the influence of Rabbi drone was silenced and fell. A cover band had seen the crash site and on the night of 24 to 25 March, came to pick up the drone, so that this equipment does not fall into the hands of the enemy. In the morning they reached the area of impact. The first patrol group that was moving ahead of the main squad were the soldiers of the second hundred: «the Frenchman» and «van Gogh». The territory through which they moved, was densely mined and «Frenchman» was blown up on one of the min of the Injuries were incompatible with life. Fighter 2 hundreds infantry battalion of the regiment «Azov» «van Gogh» injured foot. Immediately after the explosion, «residents of Azov» from three sides opened heavy fire from small arms and Agav. The guys were in the shooting bag», — stated in the message.

It is noted that the main group was able to immediately evacuate the wounded «van Gogh». The «Frenchman» of «Azov» had to go several times through a minefield and under heavy enemy fire.

«Despite tough conditions, our guys don’t have left and made, and the wounded «van Gogh», and the victim «the Frenchman»,» — said the press service of the regiment, and noted that despite attempts by enemies to «demonize «Azov», adding that «the French» left, and his body took another unit», of the fallen soldier made it to «residents of Azov», because they «don’t throw, although he is alive or dead».

At the present time «van Gogh» with a wound to the leg in the hospital.

Note that in the press center of the Antiterrorist operation on 25 March reported that during the day no one Ukrainian soldier was killed, but the enemy attacks from different weapons, six soldiers were wounded – 5 in the area of the Town, 1 in Novotroitsk. The next day, March 26, at the headquarters reported the death of two soldiers for the day March 25, 11 security forces were injured – but eight soldiers three soldiers of the National guard were injured in the detonation of an enemy explosive device.

Near Pavlopol killed «azovets» the Frenchman of the group cover scouts 29.03.2016

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