Near Kuwait leaked 35 thousand barrels of oil

About 35 thousand barrels of oil flowed into the sea near the joint fields of Kuwait and Saudi Arabia in the Persian Gulf, reports channel Al Jazeera.

«Emergency crews are still trying to stop the oil leak near the southern area of the RAS al-LRC in Kuwait,» said the spokesperson of the Kuwait oil company, says the Agency KUNA. He added that crews focused on protecting water intakes near the North and South power and water pumping stations in the district of RAS al-Zur.

The representative of the press service of the company said that in the future, the nearby beaches will be cleared of the effects of the oil leak.

Petroleum experts say that oil spill occurred because of the old 50-kilometer pipeline leading to the city of RAS al Khafji in Saudi Arabia.

Oil flowed into the Gulf waters near the massive oil complex, construction of which involved Kuwait and Saudi Arabia. The project is estimated at $30 billion.

Saudi Arabia and Bahrain, South of Kuwait along the coast of the Persian Gulf, saying that the oil spill has not reached their waters, writes Al Jazeera.

Near Kuwait leaked 35 thousand barrels of oil 13.08.2017

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