Near Kominternovo militants were aimed fire on positions of ATO forces from 120-mm mortars

In the area of the Antiterrorist operation Pro-Russian armed gangs continue to target strongholds of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. The militants continue to increase the number of attacks with mortar.

On Monday 15 February, reported the press center of the ATO on your page in the social network Facebook.

«Near Kominternovo militants were aimed fire on our positions from mortars caliber 82 and Also 120 mm. mortars were fired at Ukrainian fortifications in Gnutovo, Krasnogorovka and zaytsevo,» reported at the headquarters.

As noted in the press center, rocket-propelled grenades and heavy machine guns, the occupants opened fire on the strong points of ATO forces in Nikolaevka, Alma-ATA, Sands and Marinka.

«The trouble was in the plant, where the enemy fired at Ukrainian positions with small arms», — stated in the message.

In General, added to the headquarters since the beginning of the day terrorists 29 times opened fire on positions of forces ATO.
As reported, for the past days in zone anti-Terrorist operation any Ukrainian military did not die and was not injured. Press Secretary of the presidential Administration of Ukraine on ATO Andrei Lysenko said that during yesterday’s invaders 71 times broke the silence mode, opening fire on the forces ATO, including from heavy weapons. «In total for the last day occupants released on our positions over 160 min of different caliber,» — said Lysenko.

He also informed that at the Lugansk direction on 14 February it was quiet. On Donetsk the direction fighters continued to adhere to tactics aimed fire towards Ukrainian positions and occasionally used mortars. The most intense situation remains in zaytsevo, Mayorsk, Sand and Krasnogorovka.

Near Kominternovo militants were aimed fire on positions of ATO forces from 120-mm mortars 15.02.2016

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