Near Kharkov found a plantation of poppies in a 100 hectare

The plantation of poppy area of 120 hectares identified in Kupyansk district in Kharkiv region. This UKRINFORM said the head of the press center of the SBU in the Kharkov area the Colonel Vladislav Abdul.

The plantation was found as a result of operational activities. It is established that malefactors were growing poppy for processing into drugs. To prevent accidental detection of the plantation, it is placed at a considerable distance from settlements and roads,» said Abdul.

According to him, the estimated cost is made from the poppy harvest drug prices on the black market — almost 100 million UAH.

«Open criminal proceedings under article «crops or cultivation of somnolent poppy or hemp. Measures have been taken to apprehend involved in the planting and in General to the production and distribution of drugs,» added Abdul.

He also said that the issue of the elimination of illegal poppy cultivation.

According to the law, illegal crops or cultivation of somnolent poppy or hemp in the amount of 500 and more plants, made on preliminary arrangement by group of persons for the purpose of sale, shall be punished by imprisonment for the term from 3 till 7 years.

Recall that in Ukraine there is a growing number of clandestine drug laboratories.

Near Kharkov found a plantation of poppies in a 100 hectare 22.06.2016

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