Near Chernobyl will experience a new repository for spent nuclear fuel

In September-October of 2017 will begin testing the new storage of spent nuclear fuel in the vicinity of Chernobyl, which will be used in the actual nuclear fuel. Full operation will commence in the third quarter of 2018. In an interview with Radio Liberty said the chief engineer of the project on improving safety at Chernobyl Andrey Savin.

«Around September-October 2017 will be conducted «hot» tests with real nuclear fuel. After that, communication with the state nuclear regulatory authority in order to obtain a license to operate. It is planned that the full operation will be in the third quarter of 2018,» – said Savin.

Until the moment when the vault will be put into operation, the spent nuclear fuel (more than 21 thousand fuel assemblies during the operation of the plant) will be stored in the existing storage of «wet» type ISF-1, which has been running since 1986. According to engineers, the design capacity of the old storage pools does not allow long-term to keep the fuel waste. Also, the fuel is best stored in a dry environment.

Now the facility completed construction works, equipment for nuclear fuel is manufactured and partially assembled.

The new store will provide acceptance for storage, preparation for storage and storage within 100 years.

The ISF-2 construction is financed from the «nuclear safety Account European Bank for reconstruction and development (EBRD). The total cost of the project for the construction of the new storage amounts to 381 million euros.

We will remind, in November, the fourth unit of Chernobyl covered the new sarcophagus.

Near Chernobyl will experience a new repository for spent nuclear fuel 11.01.2017

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