NBU recognized Bank «Artem» insolvent

The national Bank of Ukraine recognized insolvent small Bank «Artem», said the Deputy head of the NBU Ekaterina Rozhkova at a briefing in the national Bank.

«Yesterday the decision of Board of National Bank was declared insolvent Bank «Artem». Today, there is already a Fund (the guarantee Fund of felsic),» — said Rozhkov on Wednesday 16 November.

According to her, 94% of depositors of the Bank will receive the payment within the guaranteed amount.

Among the reasons for this decision Rozhkova cited the low quality of the loan portfolio of the Bank, in connection with which the capital has become negative, the financial institution did not provide a real plan of recapitalization.

As reported, the cleaning process of the banking system the national Bank for 2014 and 2015 63 declared insolvent Bank, which transferred the management of Fund of guaranteeing deposits of natural persons. Since the beginning of this year, the NBU has decided to withdraw from the market 15 financial institutions. For the first half of the national Bank «earned» by selling the assets of failed banks 255 million.

NBU recognized Bank «Artem» insolvent 16.11.2016

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