NBU has lowered the hryvnia below 27 per dollar and 30 per Euro

According to the official website of the National Bank of Ukraine, the national Bank on 17 February, established the following official rate to hryvnia to world currencies:

100 USD USA – 2701.9798 (February 16 – 2681.8080)

100 EUR – 3017.0306 (February 16 – 2998.2613)

10 RUR – 3.5438 (February 16 – 3.4480)

Earlier it was reported that on Tuesday, February 16, quotes hryvnia to the US dollar on the interbank currency market by the close of trading stood at 26,65/26,85 UAH/USD.

Quotes hryvnia against the Euro are at the level of 29,7410/29,9590 UAH/Euro, Russian rouble – level 0,3420/0,3450 UAH/ruble.

According to the National Bank, the average weighted hryvnia rate on the interbank market to 17:00 was established at the level 27,0361 UAH/USD, by that time they concluded to 588 transactions worth 357,28 million.

It is reported that the NBU on Tuesday at auction sold to banks 49,8 mln at weighted average rate of 27,052 USD/1 USD when demand 54.3 million

As reported on the website of the regulator for the auction were applied at the rate of from up to 25,90 27,20 USD/ $ 1, the cut-off price was not below 26,85 UAH/1 USD. The share of satisfied bids at the minimum auction rate was 3.2% of the total volume of executed orders.

According to a leading expert of information-analytical center Forex Club in Ukraine Andrei Shevchishin, the demand for foreign currency in Ukraine may increase due to political crisis and suspension of cooperation with the IMF. In addition, in the case of government resignation and re-elections in the country, the reforms necessary for economic recovery will be halted, forcing creditors to expect the stabilization of the political situation.

«The passage of this period may be accompanied by emission of hryvnia, which will fuel the demand for the currency as a savings instrument. However, the actual growth rate provokes additional demand, as confidence in the banking system remains low, and available resources are used to purchase foreign currency», — said Shevchishin, reports «UKRINFORM».

According to the expert, a resource for purchases of currency may be formed including at the expense of deposits. In particular, the volume of hryvnia deposits in January, according to the NBU, decreased by 3.3% in solvent banks. If the background of the political crisis the negative trends in the banking sector will increase, the purchase of currency will be fueled by the outflow of deposits. Additionally, the market demand is formed due to the payments on deposits of the Bank «Finance and Credit».

As reported, the head of the National Bank of Ukraine Valeria Gontareva the reasons for the decline of the hryvnia, in addition to such seasonal factors as the decline in business activity in November, as well as payments from the Treasury account, called the political instability in the country.

Experts believe that the hryvnia may fall to 30 per dollar and strengthened on average by around 27.

The state budget of Ukraine for 2016 was adopted on the basis of the average annual hryvnia exchange rate at 24.1 UAH/USD. According to the expectations of the Ministry of Finance, by the end of 2016 the national currency should remain at the level of 24.4 UAH/USD.

We will remind, in February of last year, the official hryvnia exchange rate to the dollar set at the historical low of 30.01 per hryvnia per dollar. The last time the official hryvnia exchange rate weakened.

NBU has lowered the hryvnia below 27 per dollar and 30 per Euro 17.02.2016

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