NBU declared insolvent «Bank people’s capital»

The Board of the National Bank of Ukraine has decided on the attribution of PJSC «Bank people’s capital» insolvent.

On Thursday 19 January, the press service of the regulator.

«In July 2016 PJSC «Bank people’s capital» was classified as problematic in connection with discrepancy of its ownership structure, the requirements for transparency. During the term is highly problematic, the Bank has not brought its activities in line with the requirements of the legislation. The national Bank has drawn attention of the Bank and its shareholders on this issue since December of 2014″, — stated in the message.

As noted by the NBU, as of today, more than 85% of shares belongs to persons, none of which is the owner of essential participation in the Bank. The sole owner of a substantial participation in a Bank is Valery Makarenko (14,24%), which acquired a substantial part in violation of the law without the consent of the National Bank, which has long been deprived of the right to vote.

For 2016 the national Bank was filed several packages of documents for approval to the significant participation of both its shareholders and third parties. According to these documents, the national Bank took the decision to ban the acquisition of a substantial participation because of the inadequacy of the financial condition of applicants and the inability to confirm the origin of their funds.

According to the National Bank, 16 January 2017, the Bank adopted the decision on liquidation at the initiative of the owners and submitted documents to the national Bank for obtaining the consent of the liquidation. Under article 78 of the law of Ukraine «On banks and banking activity», such consent may only be granted if no grounds on which the Bank may be classified as problem or insolvent. However, as emphasized above, PJSC «Bank people’s capital» at the time of submission of the documents have already been classified as problematic. Thus, the national Bank could not satisfy a request of the Bank.

Means 99% of depositors will be reimbursed by the guarantee Fund of individuals ‘ deposits in full. The Fund will provide payment of the guaranteed amount of deposits in the amount of about 11 million.

Earlier it was reported that the total loss of operating Ukrainian banks in January-November 2016 amounted to 18,884 billion UAH, which is 3 times lower than in the same period last year, at the level of 57.3 billion.

NBU declared insolvent «Bank people’s capital» 19.01.2017

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