NBU: balance of payments of Ukraine in 2015 surplus for the first time in five years

The balance of payments of Ukraine by the end of 2015 returned from deficit to surplus status, and the surplus amounted to 849 million. USA vs. negative balance of USD 13.3 billion. The USA in 2014. According to the data on the website of the NBU in the social network Facebook, before the last time the balance of payments has been kept in «plus» in 2010.

The national Bank kept the inflation forecast of 12% in 2016

According to the estimates of the regulator, the surplus of the balance of payments was the result of a significant reduction of the current account deficit, which last year was the lowest since 2005, dropping to 204 million. The United States or to 0.2% of GDP.

Correction of the current account contributed to a faster decline of imports (33,5%) compared to the decline in exports (of 30.5%).

Financial account surplus also improved the balance of payments. Clean attract in the financial account amounted to 488 million. USA, primarily due to significant volumes of official financing from international partners.

As reported, the balance of payments of Ukraine in January-November 2015 surplus of 566 million. deficiency in 11,046 billion. for the same period in 2014.

In 2014, Ukraine’s balance of payments was a deficit of 13,307 billion.

The national Bank kept the inflation forecast of 12% in 2016

The national Bank of Ukraine has kept its forecast for growth in consumer prices at the end of 2016 at the level of 12%, while reducing the forecast for core inflation to 9.2%.

«According to the baseline forecast estimate of consumer inflation at the end of 2016 remained unchanged (12%), and the base is slightly decreased (to 9.2%)», — stated in the January inflation report, published on the NBU website.

According to the NBU, to contain inflation will be low world food prices in the face of limited export opportunities, lower inflation expectations and the effects of devaluation subsided.

The report notes that to a large extent the difference between the rates of total and core inflation due to the upcoming increases in administratively regulated tariffs, but it is not as significant as in 2015.

In 2017, according to forecasts of the NBU, the inflation rate will decrease to 8%.

As reported, the key creditor of Ukraine — the international monetary Fund predicts GDP growth in Ukraine in 2016 at 2% with inflation at 12%.

According to the expert consensus forecast compiled by UNIAN, the growth of gross domestic product in Ukraine by the end of 2016 could reach 1%, while the growth of industrial production by 3% and slowing inflation to 19%.

Gasbaggery for 2016 assumes a deficit of 3.7% of GDP, inflation at 12% and the hryvnia rate at the level of 24,1 USD for the dollar.

NBU: balance of payments of Ukraine in 2015 surplus for the first time in five years 05.02.2016

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