«Nazarus» in the jackets and under the balalaika calls on Ukrainians to take money out of Russian banks

Activists of political party «national body» on the morning of Monday, January 30, 2016, picket the Kyiv Central offices of the subsidiaries of Russian banks «Prominvestbank», «Sberbank of Russia», «BM Bank», «VTB Bank» and «Alfa-Bank».

The protesters call on the Ukrainian depositors to withdraw their funds from the Russian financial institutions, because we are convinced that the activities of these banks on the territory of our state «to the detriment of the Ukrainian economy and the means to Fund the war in the East of Ukraine.»

On Monday reported on the official website of the party.

«Prominvestbank» has started its work today under the cries of «Glory to Russia!» and play the balalaika. Perhaps, its leaders wanted to start every morning, given that this Bank is a subsidiary of the Russian banking system», — noted on the website of the political party.

As the strumming of the balalaika working day on Monday, January 30, started and for employees of other subsidiaries of Russian banks in Kiev: «Sberbank of Russia», «BM Bank», «VTB-Bank» and «Alfa-Bank». Protesters greeted the customers of these financial institutions with signs saying «Welcome to Russia». In addition, the activists pasted the offices of these institutions with leaflets, which warn depositors about the Bank closures of the aggressor in Ukraine and urge Ukrainian depositors to withdraw their funds from these financial institutions.

«Attention! This Bank of the aggressor. It will be closed. Urgently take your money» — written on postcards with the image of the Kremlin.

The protesters did not impede the passage of employees and customers of banks. But the last activists explain that by keeping the money in «daughter» Russian banks — «every investor is funding the killers of our people.»

In place of the shares of public safety provides police and military personnel of National guard of Ukraine.

As noted in the Department of communication of the police of Kiev, on Monday morning in a call center of Shevchenkovsky police Department received a report that a group of unknown profit to the Bank premises located in different locations, and «trying to get inside. In addition, they pour paint and glue posters on the walls of financial institutions», reports «UKRINFORM».

On the scene left the patrol forces and investigative team of the territorial police Department. Now they communicate with the participants. In addition, to ensure law and order and prevent provocations, attracted by the soldiers of the National guard of Ukraine.

Information on the incident is logged by the unified accounting statements and reports on committed criminal offences and other events of the Shevchenkovsky police Department.

We will remind, party «national corpus» is created on the basis of a voluntary regiment «Azov».

«Nazarus» in the jackets and under the balalaika calls on Ukrainians to take money out of Russian banks 30.01.2017

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