«Nazarus» announced a rally in Kiev to demand the resignation of the head Nikolayevskaya yeah Savchenko

Party «national body» and United nationalist forces on 3 April in Kiev planned «massive campaign» to demand the resignation of the head of the Nikolaev regional state administration Alexey Savchenko. About it reports a press-service «Nazarus».

In the organization told that on 29 March, the nationalists were able to get in a sessional hall of the Nikolaev regional Council and to convince the part of local deputies «to sign an appeal to the leadership of the regional Council with the requirement to Express no confidence» Savchenko.

The head of the Nikolaev regional Council made the decision to close the session and to postpone the question of confidence Savchenko for a few weeks. According to the press service, «it only briefly delayed the inevitable».

«Savchenko will be dismissed, and then brought before the court, as required by «national body» together with the community of nikolayevshchina, or use the following an extraordinary session, or without,» – say in the organization.

«Neckarperle» we are convinced that Savchenko went to Kiev «closer to Metropolitan patrons», because «afraid of strong organized Patriotic forces, which is a «national body».

«National case» does not rest on its laurels and will seek the dismissal of Alexei Savchenko. April 3, the United nationalist forces in the people’s support will come to Kiev on a large-scale action, one of the key requirements which the dismissal Savchenko», – stated in the message of the organization.

Representatives of the nationalist forces believe that Savchenko action led to the death of the acting Director of the municipal enterprise «international airport Nikolaev», the former military pilot Vladislav Voloshin.

Voloshin was appointed in January 2018. From July 2017, he was the Deputy Director of the airport.

18 March, he shot himself with a pistol, he died some time later in hospital of ambulance of Nikolaev.

Media reported that Voloshin suicide may be associated with the termination of the contract with the Kiev company ENI received in a row for the overhaul of the airport building.

March 19, Savchenko commented on the suicide Voloshin: «Some took to replicate a telephone conversation Vlad, as I understand it, the former leaders of KP «international airport Nikolaev», which was done at the company knows that. Stop doing strange things.»

The death of Voloshin are investigating on charges of incitement to suicide. However, on 26 March, the chief of the National police in the Nikolaev area Yury Moroz said that the investigation has no information about what Voloshin had committed suicide due to external pressures.

«Nazarus» announced a rally in Kiev to demand the resignation of the head Nikolayevskaya yeah Savchenko 30.03.2018

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