Nazarbayev announced the beginning of «the third modernization» of Kazakhstan

The permanent President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev in his «annual message to the people» tasked to ensure the implementation of the «third modernization» of Kazakhstan. «Today I set the task to ensure the implementation of the third modernization of Kazakhstan. You must create a new model of economic growth, which will ensure global competitiveness of the country», — said Nazarbayev.

The text of the message 30 Jan 2017 posted on the official website of the President.

«Currently many countries are trying to solve the same task. Sure, the recipes of the transition to a new growth model will be different everywhere. We should proceed from our strengths and not to lose the potential that is created during the 25 years of our Independence», — he stressed.

As the President noted, the world began the next, already the fourth industrial revolution.

«The widespread digitization of the economy will lead to the disappearance of entire industries and the creation of new. Great change is happening before our eyes is both a historic challenge and chance for the nation», — said Nazarbayev.

«We all remember the first modernization of Kazakhstan. Remember how began your way a quarter century ago on the ruins of the USSR. Then our generation with the Foundation created a new state, which was not on the world map. Was the transition from a planned to a market economy. For me it is crucial that together we then kept the country from turmoil, civil war and economic ruin. Kazakhstan came out of that period with minimal loss and greatest acquisitions,» — said the President.

According to him, the second modernization began with the adoption of the 2030 Strategy and the creation of the new capital of Astana. «The results are undeniable. The country broke away from areas of economic backwardness and went into the 50 most competitive economies of the world,» he added.

«Two successful modernization gave us invaluable experience. Now we must boldly step out and start a third upgrade. This upgrade is not a plan to combat the current global challenges, and a reliable bridge to the future, to meet the objectives of the Strategy-2050. It will be held on the basis of the Plan «100 steps», — said the President.

Earlier it was reported about a probable renaming of the Kazakh capital of Astana in honor of the 76-year-old Nazarbayev, invariably governing the country since April 1990. During this time, Kazakhstan has established a rigid system sole reign, the invariable attribute of which is the cult of personality of the President.

The political opposition, and free elections, mnogopartiinosti and freedom of speech in modern Kazakhstan are not available.

Who wrote the book «Godfather-in-law» (2009) son-in-law of the President Rakhat Aliyev in 2015 found hanged in his prison cell in Vienna (Austria).

The founder of the opposition movement «Democratic choice of Kazakhstan», the former Minister of energy, industry and trade of Kazakhstan Mukhtar Ablyazov, the former owner of the largest commercial financial institutions «BTA Bank», also hidden in Europe. After spending about three years in prison, 9 December 2016, he was released from prison in France. After his release, Ablyazov said his «struggle against the regime of Nazarbayev lasts for 16 years and she continues.»

Nazarbayev announced the beginning of «the third modernization» of Kazakhstan 31.01.2017

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