Nayem was expelled from the international delegations. He told me who might be behind this

MP Mustafa Nayem said that except him and Svetlana Zalischuk from international delegations is the President’s administration. About this he wrote on the page in Facebook.

According to him, Igor Kononenko, who was the initiator of the review «was never interested in the composition of the parliamentary delegation and, in principle, matters of international policy.»

«Not it forms a fraction position in international delegations,» said Nye.

He stressed that this parish of the presidential administration.

«And I have no doubt that behind this petty revenge or stupidity — I don’t know what’s worse — the President Petro Poroshenko. However, in this and in the other case, it’s too petty for head of state», — Nayem wrote.

He noted that the last two years was a permanent member of the Verkhovna Rada delegations in NATO and the OSCE, have repeatedly presented at the meetings of parliamentary assemblies.

«In addition, the last few months we, together with Svetlana Zalishchuk and many of my colleagues did everything possible to spite the frustration and fatigue to join delegations from other countries to solve problems of Ukraine», — Nayem wrote.

«All this time I was convinced and sure of this now that the members of the inter-parliamentary delegations primarily represent the interests of the country and not fractions. But, apparently, I have «Komsomol» a different understanding of this issue,» he said.

Nye also noted that some members of the faction in international delegations do not speak any foreign language.

«Of course, can be attributed to the decision of the faction on the stupidity or short-sightedness. Theoretically, it can even be appealed. But I think it’s demeaning and against the Parliament and against the country», — said the MP.

He also said that despite «this nonsense» will continue to «defend the national interests on any available platforms».

14 Nov BPP of people’s deputies Svetlana Zalishchuk and Mustafarian and Natalia Novak was expelled from the international delegations. The formal reason was the membership of deputies in other parties.

Nayem was expelled from the international delegations. He told me who might be behind this 15.11.2016

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