Navalny after strelkov is planning to call for a debate Putin

Russian opposition politician Alexei Navalny plans to call Russian President Vladimir Putin to the debate. He said this on air of the channel the Bulk.LIVE on YouTube.

Asked about the debate with the leader of the movement «new Russia», the former «defense Minister» of the terrorist organization «DNR» Igor Strelkov, Navalny called himself a candidate for President of Russia and said that «pretty soon I will call and demand to participate in the debate the other candidates, including Vladimir Putin».

He suggested that the opponents can call him «small fry, who wants popiaritsya on behalf of Putin.»

Navalny also believes that other charges will be stated in the explanation of why some politicians «want to avoid debate and the present political process.»

July 5, Gunmen caused Bulk to public debates on a range of issues that «have a great interest for the Russian and wider Russian patriots and nationalists». The terrorist said that he was going to prove that the politician «is neither a patriot nor a Russian nationalist, nor even a patriot of Russia and even is not actually, in General, and opposition of the authorities».

In response, Navalny said he was ready to accept the challenge, as it is «an ardent supporter of open political discussion and open debate.» He noted that in the near future with the Shooting will be contacted to determine the date and format of the debates.

Radio «Echo of Moscow» has declared its readiness to provide a platform for discussion.

According to Girkin, the debate with Navalny will be held July 20.

Navalny after strelkov is planning to call for a debate Putin 14.07.2017

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