Natspolitsiya: the price of weapons on the black market in Ukraine — one of the lowest in Europe

Head of Department of criminal investigation Department of the National police of Ukraine Sergey Knyazev released information that on the Ukrainian black market now the cheapest price for the weapon among all the countries of Europe.

He told this in an interview with the Censor.NO.

The head of the criminal investigation Department, said: «we Have the lowest price for weapons on the black market, if we talk about the European continent. Will tell you the number of stolen and withdrawn, and you will understand which turn. From 1 April 2014 was stolen 13 361 unit. 6807 registered crimes related to illicit arms trafficking. 1352 seized firearms in the course of the implementations and detention. In particular, 39 rifles, 71 gun, 30 machine guns, 538 pistols and revolvers, 47 rifles, and hunting rifles (the same rifles that shoot single shots), 164 units of homemade weapons, grenades 1825. More or less compared to previous years? It is impossible to compare with 2010, 2005 or 1995. Then in the underworld could not be in circulation 1825 23 grenades and mines».

«We can’t exactly count the weapons brought from Russia, which is also in the illegal trafficking. It can us to be taken into account only in the amount that is withdrawn. Constantly working on overlapping of channels of receipt of firearm from the zone ATO. Our operational activities are one of the visible factors,» continued the Prince.

He continued: «And about the price. You understand that it is formed depending on demand. For example, it is now increasing the price of legal weapons because there is a growing demand for purchase and registration. So, last year the number of owners of firearms increased by 8.5 thousand persons. At the same time, the total array of weapons increased by 13 thousand barrels. So I bought and registered for the year.»

Answering the question about the number of legal weapons in the hands of citizens, Knyazev said: «To date, in the hands of citizens was 1.2 million barrels. And among them there are not only those who bought to hunt, to defend their country in the East, not only those just in case, but those who are using this weapon wants to earn a living. Someone comfortable, and someone is «eat».

«The weapon becomes a tool for solving disputes. For example, recently in the Dnepropetrovsk area employees of two security agencies staged a shootout in which there are victims. Could not peacefully share the disputed property. Actually 2016 is not as shot as 2015. For 2016 was 576 crimes committed with a firearm, which is 52% less», concluded the Prince.

Recall that in December 2014 the Verkhovna Rada was registered a bill №1135-1 «On public arms and ammunition». The bill proposes to grant the right to acquire and use cold steel and firearms on the basis of the permission of internal Affairs, and to determine the order of use of these weapons.

According to the survey, 16.8% of Ukrainians agree and 18.5% agree that citizens have the right to protect their property and safety at home, keeping there firearms if it is purchased and stored legally and under strict state control.

Natspolitsiya: the price of weapons on the black market in Ukraine — one of the lowest in Europe 17.01.2017

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