Natspolitsiya expects the level of crime in the next year will decline

The Directorate of National police in Kiev is counting on a slowdown in the growth of crime in the year 2017. About it in interview to «the Ukrainian news» said the Deputy head of the National police — the chief of the Department of national police in Kiev Andrey Krishchenko.

«We have reviewed some approaches to solving crimes. Therefore, the growth rate slowed down. We hope that next year such a sharp growth of the crimes will not be», — he said.

According to him, at the moment recorded crime is on the increase in Kiev.

«Factors known to all is the economic situation in the country, because the increase comes at the expense of such categories of crimes such as theft and robbery. It is those positions for which growth is observed. If we take a serious and heinous crimes, particularly murder, serious bodily injury, then the segment growth. Their detection rate has reached almost 80%. In General, growth is associated with street crime. There is some growth associated with the situation on the roads, we are talking about the accident with the dead,» kryschenko said.

He noted that the second reason for the growth of crime — the inner migration of the population.

«The population of Kiev increased, especially after the events in the East of the country, at times. The increase in the population in proportion to the number of persons who commit crimes. Plus, more and more we record the Commission of crimes unemployed,» said Krishchenko.

«The Pechersk district least problematic. There is less recorded crimes than in the previous year. This is because, first, the district is the government district, where law enforcement officers have a lot of forces involved. In this area smaller-town people, more expensive housing, it’s harder to rent it,» he said.

According to him, if we talk about the types of crimes, on the Left Bank is more street robberies and thefts from cars.

Championship theft is also on the Left Bank and the city centre. Burglaries are more prone to sleeping areas, in particular, Minsk array.

Deputy head of the national police believes that reformatting of the entire police system has left its imprint on the situation.

«The first 5 months we had re-certification, shrink, many felt insecure in this regard. But the problem had been solved, and since the second half of the year, September in particular, we see in some categories of crimes — robberies and thefts — a slowdown in growth,» he added.

Krishchenko stressed that the police began to more seriously work.

Earlier the Minister of internal Affairs Arsen Avakov acknowledged that Ukraine has increased the level of crime and fell success rate.

Natspolitsiya expects the level of crime in the next year will decline 21.11.2016

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