NATO warned about the vulnerability of the Alliance on the Eastern borders of Europe

NATO warned that the Alliance cannot protect its borders in Eastern Europe in case of aggression by the Russian Federation. This is stated in the report, to be published by the Atlantic Council on Friday, according to Financial Times.

«A chorus of voices around NATO warns that the Alliance could not protect the Eastern border against escalating Russian aggression», — writes the edition.

Six experts on defense, including former NATO Secretary General Jaap de Hoop Scheffer, Deputy Supreme commander of NATO forces in Europe Richard Shirreff, former Minister of defense of Italy and Chairman of the NATO military Committee Giampaolo di Paola, noted «lack of progress» in NATO’s plans to strengthen its borders after the invasion of Moscow in Ukraine.

This is the third serious warning from the members of the NATO command during the month.

Many of the key members of the Alliance are still suffering from «chronic underfunding» and «critical deficiencies» in «emptied» of military forces, says the report of the Atlantic Council. For example, in service with the German Bundeswehr is 31 Tiger helicopter, of which only 10 are useable. Out of 406 Marder IFV can be used 280.

For the United Kingdom «the deployment of the brigade, not to mention a strong division, will be a serious challenge,» says Shirreff, a former chief of staff of Land forces of Britain.

With the need to increase NATO’s military presence in the border countries agrees and Francois Hasberg, Chairman of the Board of the International Institute for strategic studies. «Putin istaking seriously the symbolic gestures only when the symbolism is in itself something weighs,» he says. Current NATO plans, according to Geisberg, have no such weight.

Recall that the American analytical center RAND in January published the results of a simulation of possible military actions in the Baltic States, which showed that the Russian armed forces are able to suppress the resistance of NATO and capture Tallinn and Riga in less than 60 hours.

Earlier it was reported that British troops along with other NATO forces could be deployed in Eastern Europe on the border with Russia in the framework of the plan for the prevention of the invasion of Moscow.

NATO warned about the vulnerability of the Alliance on the Eastern borders of Europe 26.02.2016

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