NATO has postponed talks with Ukraine about the use of PRO — media

NATO has postponed plans on meeting with the Ukrainian authorities to negotiate the use of a missile defense system (NMD) in Europe. This is stated in the material The Wall Street Journal, writes «UKRINFORM».

«There is some political sensitivity to raising (talks — ed.) of Ukraine, since it is obvious that this can cause an over-reaction from the Russian side,» NATO.

As noted, some diplomats said that a cautious approach to the discussion ABOUT Ukraine makes sense if the Alliance wants to avoid further undermining of relations with Russia. But other allies worry that the Alliance risks, showing indecision in helping a partner as Ukraine.

A source in NATO said that this decision does not cover future discussions on Ukraine, but the Alliance is «moving cautiously» in this issue. As noted, this question requires a serious approach.

NATO officials wanted to discuss with the Ukrainian government possible developments that can occur when using a missile defense system in Europe. Among them, in particular, the possibility of a fall in the Ukrainian territory of the interceptor missile and its debris.

As reported, according to the Secretary General of NATO ,Jens Stoltenberg, the administration of Donald trump intends to conduct a dialogue with Russia from a position of strength.

1 February in the Black sea entered NATO warships equipped with missile defense system.

NATO has postponed talks with Ukraine about the use of PRO — media 02.02.2017

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