NATO fourfold increase defense spending because of Russia’s actions

The actions of Russia against Ukraine led to the increase of the U.S. contribution to the defense of Europe to increase military spending NATO and military strengthening of the Eastern flank of the Alliance.

On Tuesday 23 February was declared by the NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg during his speech in the international Committee of the European Parliament, reports «the 5th channel».

«The United States responded to Russian aggression in Ukraine multimilyarder contribution for the need to protect the security of Europe. Earlier in February, the U.S. Secretary of defense ash Carter asked the U.S. Congress to increase it in 2017, the year four times. This will mean more armed forces, more military training and exercises, placed more weapons and the development of appropriate infrastructure in European countries», — said Stoltenberg.

The NATO Secretary General called the financial commitments of America «a solid basis for NATO’s decisions on how to strengthen forward presence in Eastern countries of the Alliance». We are talking about the US contribution to the NATO budget, which next year will grow fourfold, to nearly three and a half billion dollars.

«This presence will become a regular, multi-national and will be supported by large — scale exercises,» said Stoltenberg.

Recall: in 2015, the declining defence budgets in all NATO countries were close to zero, five countries spent on military needs and more than two percent of GDP and 16 countries increased their military spending.

Earlier it was reported that British troops along with other NATO forces could be deployed in Eastern Europe on the border with Russia in the framework of the plan for the prevention of the invasion of Moscow. Defence Ministers of NATO countries gathered in Brussels, intend on 10 February to discuss a new plan to strengthen the Baltic States, and Central and southern Europe against the destabilizing techniques of hybrid war or a full-scale occupation by Russian troops. It comes to placement of units in 500-1000 people in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania and Bulgaria.

NATO fourfold increase defense spending because of Russia’s actions 24.02.2016

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