NATO accuses Russia of modeling nuclear attack on Sweden. But the air force showed a film about nuclear war with Russia

Russia held exercises in which simulated the application of a nuclear attack on Sweden. This is stated in the annual report of the Secretary General of NATO Jens Stoltenberg, reports «European true».

The BBC showed a film about nuclear war with Russia

Stoltenberg in his report said that over the past three years, Russia has carried out no less than 18 large-scale military exercises, some were involved more than 100 thousand soldiers.

In these exercises, Stoltenberg argues, among other things «were fulfilled and the option of nuclear attack against allies (for example, in March 2013 was carried out simulated nuclear attack on Sweden) and partners (e.g., March 2013 — simulated attack on Sweden)».

Stoltenberg noted that in addition, these teachings have been used to mask the massive movement of armed forces (until February 2014) for the illegal annexation of Crimea.

«These measures, among others, contributed to the destabilization of the situation in the security sphere in the Euro-Atlantic region. In response, NATO has developed defensive measures to protect and ensure the security of the allies», – stated in the report of the Secretary General of the Alliance.

So, said Stoltenberg, in the fall of 2015, the Alliance held the largest in decades the teachings of «the Trident» in which rinali by roughly 36,000 soldiers in Italy, Portugal and Spain.

We will remind, earlier it was reported that according to the commander of NATO naval forces, the activity of Russian submarines in the North Atlantic has reached or even exceeds the level «cold war».

The BBC showed a film about nuclear war with Russia

The second television channel, the BBC showed the film «the Third world war: the command post» (WW3: Inside the War Room), which played out the hypothetical scenario of nuclear war with Russia. About it reports Russian service of the BBC.

The project is a hypothetical, fictional situation. The shooting of the film lasted for several hours in the same room, seat of the «defence Committee». «War game» is conducted in the film by all the rules of dramatic genre: the actors are Russian-speaking residents of Latvia.

Throughout the film, chanting «Russia! Russia!», the crowd moves to change the flags over the city hall building of Daugavpils and take control of not only this city, but also over other localities Vostokstroy, as well as the border with Russia. Appeals to some sort of Latgale-Russian Union and the referendum on recognition of «Latgale people’s Republic».

With the turn of events and need to first deal with the participants of the war game. At the table presided the ex-British Ambassador to the USA Christopher Meyer, its task is to formulate questions that occasionally come to a vote.

The main question that arises before the characters in the film from the very beginning of the discussions is the implementation of the fifth article of the NATO Treaty, whereby an attack on one member treated as an attack on the entire organization.

Kommentiruya the release of the film, a representative of the news division of the air force Jessica Kosowo said RIA «Novosti» that «after the crisis in Ukraine, the annexation of Crimea and the operation HQs of Russia in Syria Russia’s foreign policy is a subject of wide public discussions around the world.»

NATO accuses Russia of modeling nuclear attack on Sweden. But the air force showed a film about nuclear war with Russia 04.02.2016

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