Nationalists offer to build a wall on the border with Ukraine

Representatives of the National movement, which came to the Sejm on the party list of Kukiz-15 urge to build a wall on the Polish-Ukrainian border that is supposed to protect Poland from «the influx of illegal immigrants». This was reported by «Polish radio».

The nationalists have already calculated that the cost of such a wall is stanovites about 225 million zlotys, or about $ 55 million.

The representatives of the party Kukiz-15 from the National movement expecting in the spring «appearance of the corridor for illegal migration» on the Polish-Ukrainian border.

Therefore, in the opinion of the Deputy Sylvester Khrushch «Poland must be ready to put up a wall against the wave of refugees».

The publication notes that the emergence of a new channel of illegal migration will be a consequence of strengthening of control at Hungarian-Serbian border.

So, some of the media assume that the new route should pass through Bulgaria, Romania, Western Ukraine and Poland.

We will remind, according to surveys, most poles are ready to accept Ukrainian refugees. The official authorities also carry out friendly policy toward Ukraine.

Kukiz-15 — political movement in Poland led a punk musician Pavel Cookies. The movement was founded after the Cookies have participated in the 2015 presidential elections, receiving 21% of the vote and took third place in the first round of elections.

In the parliamentary elections Kukiz-15 took the third place with 8,8%. The movement is especially popular among young people.

Nationalists offer to build a wall on the border with Ukraine 26.02.2016

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