Nationalists and veterans of the ATO block the transit of Russian trucks through Transcarpathia: Poland — forbade, Ukraine — no

Ukrainian nationalists and military volunteers of Transcarpathia announced the establishment of roadblocks at the entrances in Transcarpathian region for combating and preventing trading in Ukraine of vehicles with Russian registration numbers. About this on his page in Facebook said the Chairman of the public organization «Carpathian Sich» Taras Deyak.

«Recently Poland declared ban on entry into their country for Russian trucks, so they actively use the border between Ukraine, Slovakia and Hungary to Transcarpathia.

We, nationalists, and caring volunteers, claimed: while the Russian, the occupier will not be recognized as an aggressor country will not receive a ban on the placement of your business on the Ukrainian land, and while the government will not block trade with Russia, we will not surrender!

We urge all concerned to join the blockade in the village of Lower Gate (above post 5 km), Volovets Raion, and to prevent the enemy in his rear!», — the report says.

The action participants called the indefinite blockade and compared with the civilian blockade of the Crimea, which recently acquired government status. Claim that will stand up to until the entry of trucks from the aggressor country on the territory of the region at least does not forbid the individual decision of a regional Council , and report that to the conduct of the blockade can join in with other EU border regions of Ukraine.

Organizers are also asking regional Council to address the Ukrainian Parliament with the initiative to ban transit of Russian goods, as was recently done in Poland, and stress that their campaign is not directed against the Russian carriers or specific drivers, and against the dictatorial regime of Vladimir Putin.

In addition to the Deyak signed by the coordinator as a volunteer in the Transcarpathian region «Aydar. Volunteer assistance» Vitaly Gregor and the Chairman of the Union of participants of hostilities in the ATO’s «Sister cities of Ukraine Uzhhorod city» Nikolai Marcisak.

We will remind, Ukraine banned the transit of Russian aircraft. Ukrainian airlines after the relevant government decision also ceased operations in the Russian Federation. In the answer the Russian side has resorted to similar measures.

The Russians are also at the official level Zheleznodorozhny stopped the transit of Ukrainian goods in Azerbaijan, Iran, Central Asia and China.

The Cabinet has developed an alternative route through Georgia.

Nationalists and veterans of the ATO block the transit of Russian trucks through Transcarpathia: Poland — forbade, Ukraine — no 12.02.2016

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