Nasirov said that the inauguration of trump invited his friends

The head of the State fiscal service Roman Nasirov believes the allegations of Finance Minister Alexander danyluk in his address violations during a trip in the USA on the inauguration of the President «unwarranted and abnormal.» The head of state said in dealing with members of the European business Association on Wednesday, reports «Interfax-Ukraine».

«(To pay for attending the inauguration) 250 thousand dollars is an unrealistic situation, it is an attempt to draw public attention», — Nasirov said.

After the meeting, he said that he attended the inauguration at the invitation of friends, this time I was on vacation, officially agreed with the Cabinet of Ministers, and ready to respond to requests of the relevant authorities, if they do.

Nasirov also said that he refused from a salary in the GFS and lives at the expense of previously accumulated savings and investment earnings.

As reported, Finance Minister danyluk in the beginning of this week announced its intention to apply to the National Agency for the prevention of corruption and the National anti-corruption Bureau to perform the last action Nasirov, particularly the trip to the USA for the inauguration of the President.

According to the Minister, the head of the DFS has not coordinated his vacation with the Ministry of Finance and the Prime Minister, which is a gross violation.

While danyluk also said that attending the inauguration of the President costs about 250 thousand dollars.

Nasirov said that the inauguration of trump invited his friends 09.02.2017

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