Nasirov: on the morning of February 15 in Ukraine was less than 100 Russian trucks

Less than 100 Russian trucks was in Ukraine on Monday morning, 15 February, said the head of the SFS Roman Nasirov.

«In Ukraine today on morning there were fewer than 100 Russian trucks,» he told reporters at a press conference, reports «Interfax-Ukraine»

According to Nasirov, the blocking of Russian trucks does not affect the operation of the SFS.

He stressed that the blocking is carried out on the pistes by volunteers or the public, and Ukraine is unable to fulfill international obligations on transit of goods.

«This is, firstly, a crime, it is not possible to fulfil international agreements,» he said.

Nasirov said that the Ministry of economic development and the Ministry of foreign Affairs is working to address this issue.

Meanwhile, the Russian Ministry of transport reports 161 delayed vehicles of the Ukrainian carriers as of 13:30 in Kiev.

As noted in the Ministry, inspectors of the Federal service for transport supervision in the transport control vehicles make the Protocol of seizure of documents of the vehicle with the inventory, putting cars on spetsstavki. In the Ministry reminded that the measure does not apply to transit from Ukraine to Kazakhstan, which is according to the decree of the President of the Russian Federation from January 1, 2016 on road transit from Ukraine to Kazakhstan.

Cases of illegal actions on the part of drivers of automobiles are not registered.

Previously, due to the impossibility of transit of Russian trucks through Poland, the Russians began more actively to go into the EU through Transcarpathia. But on 12 February, the participants of the blockade of transit of Russian goods don’t pass the bill through the Western and Northern regions of Ukraine.

Russia in the answer of 14 February, suspended the movement of trucks from Ukraine.

The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine on 15 February decided to suspend the movement of Russian trucks through territory of the country to resolve this situation.

Earlier Ukraine and Russia mutually banned the import of goods to each other on their territory, but retained the ability of transit transportation of goods.

Nasirov: on the morning of February 15 in Ukraine was less than 100 Russian trucks 15.02.2016

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